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Find My Facebook ID is a free tool to find your numeric Facebook Profile ID, Facebook Group ID & Facebook Page ID by pasting your Facebook Profile URL or Username.

Why to use FindMyFbID? Find My Facebook ID helps developers to get there personal Facebook Facebook numeric ID, Facebook Page ID and Facebook Group ID, Some Social Plugins and Social Plugins asks for your Facebook numeric ID so our tool FindMyFbId helps you to get any Facebook Profile, Page, Group ID by submitting Facebook Profile, Page, Group URL or Facebook Profile, Page, Group Username.

Public Profile - Make sure that option "Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?" is on YES in your privacy settings.

How to use FindMyFbID?

FindMyFbID helps you to Find your Facebook ID in these simple steps that are follows:

  1. Get your Facebook Profile URL, Page URL or Group ID first.
  2. Enter copied facebook profile, page, group url in the above textbox and click on the "Find My ID Now"
  3. Success.! your Facebook ID will be shown to you.

What's my Facebook Profile URL?

You can get your Facebook Profile Url by going to and click on your name in the upper left side of the Facebook Home Page, It will look something like this:

Your Facebook Profile URL does not look anything like these examples:

Wooh Any issues finding your facebook profile url? Click this link and copy the url from your browser.

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